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I'll be honest in that I don't know exactly what happened, however the ending does fit Halloween very well. The haunted carnival then will never end, to be honest I had a re-occurring nightmare about one as a child. Maybe it will take me a few reads to figure it out exactly (and I do often re-read, re-read and re-read....)

So um yeah....when I figure it out I'll probably have more... still an interesting read....

Mmm. Yes, I think the ending kind of confused a lot of people. I am thinking that I will read back over it myself and try and figure out if I think it needs to be revised or maybe I will add an epilogue to explain more.

Oh really? That sounds like a scary nightmare. I had one about a joker or something. Keke~

Thanks for commenting as always <3

I wanna see Jonghyun's outfit!~ It sounds so cute, well he sounds cute in anything!~ lol <3 Taemin tricking Key was <3 <3 I thought some crazy/evil stuff was gonna happen!~ I was like omg, a thief or some magical/scary creature? lol @ the little kid though!~ As much as Taemin wants to have alone time with Key, how could they make Jongho wait? If I were them, I would have been there 10-30 minutes early!~ lol <3

When Jonghyun was feeling sick, I had a bad feeling. I wonder what Onew knows... It's still so mysterious. Do they just transform during Halloween? Or they aren't from Earth? Or does being home actually mean being with people they love? <3 I guess these will be unanswered questions to make it more mysterious and interesting!~ <3 *hugs* :D

I think you should write a song with/based on the italicized sentences (the texts) <3 :D

Keke. I want to see it too! I wouldn't mind seeing them all dressed up in costumes, to be honest ^.^ I'm glad you like the Taekey! Haha. I enjoy them. Yeah, I would have wanted to be with Jongho as soon as possible too ;D

It is mysterious. There was definitely supposed to be a mysterious feeling to it, but maybe I left too much unsaid. I'll have to think about it~

Thank you so much for commenting, dear!

Same here!~ I want to see them cosplay!~ :D <3 Of course I will like TaeKey as long as they cause no harm to Jonghyun and Jongho!~ lol <3 Taekey was amusing though!~ :D <3 lol <3 Would have teleported there to see them if I needed to!~ lol <3

I like mysterious!~ lol <3 It seems like I love lots of things except horror!~ <3 :D *hugs*

nawww this is so cute... and odd... and perfect for the season! Love it ^^ I still can't help but want to protect poor defenseless jjong. Do you know what pet stores stock that breed of animal?? haha *wants one*

Thank you! <3 Keke. It is very odd, isn't it?
Oh god! If you find one, let me know! I want to adopt a jjong puppy right away! :DDD

Hihi bb! ^^
This story is really intriguing and makes me think a lot. So is my Onew some kind of a possessed ring master or something? HAHA. Everything sounds pretty cryptic and stuff but I don't really understand the end :X Are they all not human?

But, interesting story ^^ <3

Whoops, did you get that comment? It was me *laughs* Sorry I forgot to log in :P

Aww, bb! Somehow when reading that comment, even before I found out it was you I somehow guessed it was you! Keke <3

Anyway~ I'm glad you find it intriguing. Keke. You could call Onew a ringmaster of sorts. Well, he is the leader of Shinee after all ^.^
Mmm~ I think a lot of people didn't get the end, so I might do something like fix it or write an epilogue. I'm going to read back over it soon to see what I think. But yeah, they're definitely not human, but they're not all like Jjong either.

Thank you for reading! <333

um. I don't get it. lol. Did they turn into their costumes? But I still liked it. it was mean tricking Key, lol, poor baby. Anyway, nicely done, as always. :) <3

Lol! I'm sorry. It's supposed to be a little mysterious, but maybe I made it too much so to be properly enjoyed? I am thinking of revising or writing more to explain it some more~
Keke. Yes, Taemin was really naughty <.<
Thank you, dear! <3

I don't think you should revise it. Because, even though I'm a dummy and don't get it, I think it's perfect the way it is...maybe a sequel or something, that could explain it more would be awesome. :D

;_; Thank you <3 I would actually probably only write a sequel if anything to be honest. I hate the thought of revising something I've completed <.<

Maybe I will write a sequel then. It could be fun :D

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