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Jjong likes to shove it in his mouth
Title: The Monsters Call
Pairing: Minho/Jonghyun and Key/Taemin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Halloween fic.
Summary: The boys prepare for a Halloween party, but they never make it. At least, not to the right one.
Word Count: 3,694
Notes: Ah! I got it done before Halloween was over, for me anyway. I know it's over for some people already. I'm sorry ;_; I hope everyone enjoys it anyway :D
Thank You To: dibidibidismynameisgoku, raggirare, nikka-sweetmelodies, thenotsofantasticlifestory, bythical, thedollhead, malaktookey, and sukeball for the inspiration! <3

(please listen to this :D It goes with the story. It is what really inspired me.)

Minho arrived early, all according to plan. He liked the thought of being there first, of having those extra minutes with Jonghyun, helping him get ready, waiting for the others with him. It was how he was every Halloween, every time they got together really. He made no attempt to hide his attachment or eagerness towards the other boy.

When the shorter boy answered the door, Minho stepped in, putting them very close together. Suddenly the world seemed to freeze. Jonghyun stared up at him, hand on the door, eyes wide. Minho felt himself leaning closer, but then his brain snapped back to reality and he pulled away to look around the room. Why was it getting so much harder to resist those temptations? Even Jonghyun was starting to look like he wanted it, but Minho told himself it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

Jonghyun was still putting his costume together. He was wearing black eyeliner. His hair was all spiked and he had dog ears somehow attached to his head. Minho wasn't sure how exactly, but when he reached up to touch them, Jonghyun quickly batted his hand away. He clothes were black and ran down to his wrists. After Minho came in, he started sliding on two dark, furry gloves with a claw on the tip of each finger.

"Are you a rabid dog or something?" Jonghyun growled and hit his arm in mock annoyance.

"I'm a wolfman, stupid."

"Shouldn't you be hairy in more places then?" Minho was standing right behind him now as he stared at himself in the full length mirror in his room. Jonghyun's eyes moved to look at him through the glass.

"Well, I don't want to look ugly. I want to look cool."

"You do look good," Minho responded, his breath almost catching in his throat.

"So do you," Jonghyun said turning around. Minho was dressed almost like a vampire, but without the fangs or anything. He just had the black cape with a deep red velvet on the inside. He also wore a top hat and big, dark boots, making him even taller than Jonghyun than he normally was. The shorter man had to crane his neck to look at him. Minho breathed in deeply, once again feeling completely captured by Jonghyun's gaze. There was a sudden buzzing sound in his ears, making it feel like his brain was vibrating. Jonghyun swayed slightly and before Minho knew what was happening, he stumbled forward. Catching him instinctively, Minho blinked.

"Jonghyun, are you okay?"

"Yeah," he shook his head and pulled away quickly. "Your boots make you too tall. Looking at you cuts off the blood to my brain," he complained. Minho wasn't sure that was even possible, but he brushed it aside. "Come on. My mom said while I'm here, I have to pass out candy. So, you're helping until the other three get here."


Key groaned loudly when his phone buzzed in his pocket as he was walking out the door. He had to maneuver the bag of goodies to the other hand, which also held some drinks, while he fished it out.

Hyung, meet me at our place. I have something for you

Key sighed. Taemin knew full well that they had to be over at Jonghyun's house in half an hour. At this rate, they would be late. He couldn't say no to the other boy though, so he hauled the bag and drinks all the way down the path behind his house that led to the creek where him and Taemin spent a lot of time together. They had ever since the younger boy had moved just two houses down the road from him.

The wooded area was not only different at night, because Key was actually pretty used to going down there at night, but it was a lot creepier since it was Halloween. Key tried not to jump at every noise. When he got to the creek itself, he stopped a couple of feet away from the slowly moving water. After about three minutes, he sighed. Opening his phone, Key was about to respond when it buzzed again and Taemin's name flashed onto the screen.

Hyung, get out of here now! Run!

"What is ..." Key said in disbelief, but he couldn't quell the worry in his stomach. "Taemin! Taemin, come out right now! Where are you?"

Silence. Then there was a branch snapping to his left. Key squealed and jumped around to see a large, dark form coming at him. The white mask with an open mouth flooded his vision. He let out a loud scream and jumped back, but his foot caught on a rock and he felt himself falling. Then cold water rushed around his arms and legs. His palm hurt where it had hit a rock when he reached out to break his fall.

"Shit. Key, are you okay?" Came Taemin's voice as he pulled the mask off. Key looked up at him, breathless and livid. Taemin's face was a mixture of worry and amusement, and it only made Key angrier.

"Taemin. I," he couldn't even think of a proper response to the younger boy's stupid trick. "You," he sighed as he pulled himself up. Taemin tried to help but he pushed him away. The bag he'd been holding was floating several feet away and the drinks had busted open next to him. He sighed and stepped out of the water, almost shivering as the cool air hit his limbs. "My outfit is ruined."

Suddenly Taemin stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Key's waist, pressing his face into Key's neck and smiling against his skin. "Taemin," he said uncertainly.

"I think you still look good, hyung," he whispered softly. "I'm sorry I scared you. Let me keep you warm until we're there."

Key couldn't help but smile, warmth already spreading throughout his body.


"Where am I?" Onew wondered out loud as he walked down the street. He had been on the way to Jonghyun's house, and then suddenly he didn't recognize the area anymore. Granted, he'd been texting on his phone almost constantly with Joon about their plans to play a few songs at the party, but he knew the way to his friend's house well enough that he didn't think he could get lost.

Not only did he not know where he was anymore, but the street was barren. There were few lights, and they were growing less and less. He felt like he should maybe turn around, but for some reason he just kept walking. Joon never texted him back when he asked about their drummer, but he'd quickly forgotten about it.

Just when it was getting really dark, lights twinkled into existence somewhere ahead. Onew smiled in relief and started walking faster. Then a cheerful melody hit his ears, along with the sounds of people and laughter. A grin split his face as he almost broke into a jog, momentarily forgetting that he needed to be at Jonghyun's in fifteen minutes.


Jonghyun sat back on the couch and puffed out his cheeks. "They're all late," he said with a pout. Minho sat down next to him and patted his knee sympathetically.

"They'll get here soon," he said uncertainly. Taemin and Key were really no surprise. If Key was on his own, he was always on time, but with Taemin he was almost always late. Onew was surprising though. Where was he?

Jonghyun was suddenly leaning closer to rest his head on Minho's shoulder. He sighed softly and Minho tilted his head just enough to see that his eyes were closed. "Minho," he started softly, but then his phone started making noise and they both jumped a little. It was the sound he had set for text. He laughed a little nervously and opened the phone. Minho pulled his hand away and stood up, feeling both awkward and unsatisfied.

"Minho," Jonghyun said his name again, but this time he sounded confused and maybe worried.

"What is it?"

Jonghyun held the phone out to him and frowned. "Doesn't that sound odd to you?"

Come to meet me there. Follow the street lamps until darkness gives way to light. When the clock strikes ten, the real party will begin.

"Hey, the last part rhymes," Minho said. He shrugged when Jonghyun gave him a patronizing look. "Maybe he's been working on lyrics too much recently. I'm sure there's an explanation for it."

Jonghyun shrugged and leaned back against the couch. "Guess we just have to wait for Taemin and Key then."

"Maybe we should just leave," Minho added with a loud sigh, falling back onto the couch. The two boys could take a while.


Key groaned as Taemin pushed him against the side of the house, right by the steps he was just about to walk up. "Taemin, come on. We're already ten minutes late."

"But it will be so long before we're alone again. Just one more minute won't hurt anyone," he breathed quietly, careful not to be so loud that the people inside would hear. His lips ghosted over Key's before he slipped his tongue out to trail across them, slowly spreading them apart. Key moaned quietly into the kiss and moved his arms around Taemin's waist. The kiss grew from playfully light to heated in moments, mostly due to the impatient manner of the younger boy.

Key gasped and pulled away from the kiss, afraid of getting too into it at a bad time. "Kibum," Taemin sighed contently against his neck, tickling his skin with warmth.

Suddenly Key saw movement over Taemin's shoulder and he pushed the other boy away. Heat rose up his neck with embarrassment as a small child stared up at them in surprised horror.

"Are you both guys?" the little boy asked, looking at them almost as creeped out as if they had been monsters.

Taemin grinned and skipped closer to him. "No, silly. It's Halloween, right? So, I got my girlfriend here to dress up as a boy. Isn't it a good costume?" looking back at Key, he smirked. "Although you can still kind of see the girliness, right?"

Key frowned and the boy nodded. "Yeah, I guess. Is there candy here or not?"

Taemin laughed and ruffled the boy's hair. "No, go on to the next one. This house is about to be vacated."

The boy sighed and turned to walk away, obviously disappointed that he wasn't getting any candy from them.

"If you hadn't knocked my bag into the water, I could have given him something," he complained, deciding to ignore the jab at his masculinity.

"But I want all your treats, sweetheart," Taemin said, wrapping his arm around Key's shoulder.

"Go to hell," Key grumbled, pushing him off and moving up to the door.

Taemin only smiled and joined him. "I'd go anywhere with you."


Multi-colored lights played across his skin as he sat on the steps of his caravan. The music still played, over and over, louder in his ears. Nearby a group of nine women danced together, laughing and playing like children. Looking out into the night, Onew smiled.

"When will they be here?" the dark haired man beside him asked, leaning against the outside of the vehicle. He was taking time away from his own group to help Onew out with his.

"Soon. They're coming now."


Twenty minutes later, after Key was dry and had explained why they were late and he was wet, they all finally set off for the party.

"I can't believe he left without us," Key complained, faith in the oldest boy shaken. "He better have a good excuse."

Taemin made a face at Jonghyun and Minho who were trailing a couple of steps behind, and reached out to grab Key's arm. "It's okay. You can give him a lecture later." Key only glared at the younger man.

Minho stared worryingly at Jonghyun, who was moving slowly and looking kind of out of it. "Are you sure you're okay? We can skip the party."

A grateful smile curled up Jonghyun's lips, making Minho's stomach flutter. "No, I'm okay. Let's just keep going. Once we're there I can get some water and then I'll be all better."

Nodding, Minho walked close to him, certain that he wouldn't let anything happen to the older boy.

"Guys, where are we?" Taemin asked suddenly, and everyone paused to look around. They weren't on the right road anymore.

"Shit. Where did we take a wrong turn?" Key asked, reaching up to scratch his head.

Jonghyun suddenly groaned and Minho felt more than mildly annoyed that the two in front had led them astray. "Let's turn around."

"No," Taemin said suddenly. "I think I hear something."

Key tilted his head, straining his ears for the noise. "Yeah, me too. Let's go a little farther. Didn't Onew say to follow the road with the street lamps?"

Minho looked up and indeed, the road was lined with sporadic street lamps, only street lamps actually. It looked like a runway or something. Minho looked at Jonghyun who was staring ahead of them with a scared look on his face.

"Come on. Maybe they changed the location," Minho suggested, but even though in his mind something felt off about that possibility, it was difficult to ignore the pull of the road ahead.

Jonghyun nodded slowly, pressing a hand to his head. "I think I just have a headache or something. I can't think very well." Minho moved to wrap an arm around the shorter boy's shoulders.

"Don't worry. I'll look after you," he whispered into his hair before they all started walking again.

Suddenly there were lights on the horizon, and music became obvious to all of them. "It's that music again," Taemin said excitedly and started moving faster. Key hurried to keep up with him. Minho was about to pick up his pace too, but then Jonghyun stumbled and almost fell. His hand pressed against his head and a pained look crossed his face. Minho watched with concern as he looked up at the two ahead and fear crept into his eyes.

"Minho, let's go back. Please, let's just go back now."

Looking at his hyung, Minho's mind worked quickly. It told him the lights were closer than Jonghyun's house. His emotions told him to do what Jonghyun wanted, but he didn't know if that was the wisest thing to do. "There's nothing bad up there, Jonghyun. I can hear voices. They sound happy. There couldn't be anything bad."

Jonghyun's eyes moved to him and they still looked just as scared, but he chewed his lower lip as he thought about Minho's words. "I don't know. It feels like we should go back. It just doesn't feel right."

"Come on. When we get there, we can get you some water," Minho wrapped his arm tighter around Jonghyun's shoulder and led him towards the lights, after Taemin and Key who were several feet ahead by now. Minho and Jonghyun managed to catch up with the other two fairly quickly, and they soon got close enough to see their destination.

"It's so cool!" Taemin exclaimed. Key nodded slowly and Minho stared from the carnival to Jonghyun, who was slightly hunched over, eyes almost fully closed.

"Let's hurry so we can find someone who can help Jonghyun," Minho said loud enough to catch the attention of the other two. They nodded, suddenly becoming more serious when they looked at their friend. Minho had to practically force him to move forward.

As they got closer, they soon could see that the carnival lights were on, the music playing. There were even sounds of people, but no obvious source of life. It was as if everyone had disappeared and left everything still going on behind them, even their voices.

"Hello!" Minho called out, Jonghyun still the first thought on his mind.

Taemin seemed to have second thoughts, moving closer to Key and grabbing his arm. "Kibum," he said a little nervously.

"Come on," Key said resolutely. "We have to find someone. We have to find Onew."

They all started moving forward again, through the gilded wooden gates that had big golden letters spelling the name of the troupe, 'SM Carnival'. They only managed to make it past the first dark caravan before a figure stepped out from behind it.

"Welcome!" he boomed, gesturing widely with his arms. A twisted smile pulled up his lips. Minho thought he looked pretty in an odd, dark sort of way. His eyes were darkly rimmed, his clothes suggested he was some sort of performer. "You've arrived just in time," he said, pulling a large pocket watch out of his pocket. He showed it to them and Minho saw that it read 9:53.

Onew's text suddenly registered in his mind again and Minho wondered if this young man knew him. "Follow me," he said with another smile before he turned and started walking further into the carnival. Key and Taemin started to follow. Minho walked, urging Jonghyun along, who was now whimpering in protest.

They came to a caravan that was lit up as if calling to them. A big sign flickered on above it, pearlescent sky blue lettering spelling out 'The Shinee World'. The caravan's door suddenly opened and Onew walked out. Minho's first thought was that his costume was kind of cool, but then he remembered that Jonghyun needed some help, and why the hell did Onew bring them there?

"You're finally all here," he said with a satisfied smile. "You were almost too late," he added, shaking his head.

"Where's the party?" Key asked uncertainly. Taemin was still staring at the sign with wide eyes.

"It's here. You just have to wait one more minute. Then the never ending party will begin once more. Yesung, I can take it from here." his voice sounded kind of cryptic and Minho wasn't sure he liked it. The dark haired man nodded and smiled again before turning to walk off.

"Onew, Jonghyun needs some help," he finally managed to get in.

Onew's eyes moved to the younger man and then down to the one almost doubled over now. "Yes, he always does. But you're the only one who can help him now, Minho." Walking closer, Onew put something into Minho's hand. Looking down at it, he saw that it was a collar. He stared with open-mouthed surprise at it and looked back up at Onew with wide eyes.

"What..?" but before he could finish asking, Jonghyun screamed and fell to his knees. Minho watched in shock as he grabbed his head, an animal-like howl coming from his open mouth. His body drooped forward, his forearms pressing against the ground. Then something really weird started happening. His body started to change, twist and warp. Suddenly Minho wasn't staring at Jonghyun, but a monster, a large, black, furry monster. It was growling and hissing on the ground, obviously in pain from the transformation it had just been through, it's body having to rip through layers of clothing. The animal was big, tall enough to reach up to Minho's chest when it stood on four legs. The mass of its body was bigger than any dog species Minho had ever seen, but that was what it closely resembled. A dog. It looked like a giant, black dog.

The animal suddenly stood and stared directly at him. Then, it lunged. Minho felt his back hit the ground. A surprised gasp came from Taemin and Key standing nearby. Instinctively, he reached up and grabbed it around the neck. It was difficult to hold onto the giant creature as its paw roughly smacked him across the face, leaving small scrapes from its rough pads. It growled low in its throat. Every movement Minho made was out of instinct, and suddenly he found himself flipping around the creature so that he was straddling its back. The collar seemed to naturally go around its neck. He locked it in place and suddenly the animal stopped moving. Minho jumped away from it hurriedly and stared in shock as it started to writhe again, howling and barking madly.

Minho looked over to Taemin and Key who were staring at the animal in shock. When he looked back, a naked Jonghyun was laying passed out on the ground. Minho gasped and ran forward, wrapping his arms around the shorter man and pulling him close. The collar had adapted to fit snuggly around his neck. A thin, silver link sparkled between the collar and a wrist cuff that Minho had been wearing as part of his costume. Onew walked closer, shaking his head.

"You're always trying to escape, Jonghyun."

Minho was about to question what he meant and what was going on, but then Key gasped loudly.

"Taemin! Why are you so pale? Are you okay?" he pressed a hand against the boy's paling skin, but it wasn't cold.

"Kibum," Taemin started slowly, "why are you crying?" he reached up to press a thumb against the teardrop as it finished beading and started to trail down his face, but when he pulled his finger away, it was still there, small, blue, painted on.

The two stared at each other for a long moment, their skin continuing to change, then their expressions. They soon smiled at each other and Key ran his hand affectionately through Taemin's blonde hair. Key's own hair was now covered with rainbow streaks. Their lips were redder, as if painted with blood. Minho looked from them as they hovered close to each other, foreheads touching, back down to Jonghyun, nestled closely to his chest. A slow smile spread across his lips, painted dark.

"Don't worry, baby. We're home now. You're home." he ran a hand through Jonghyun's black hair, watching as the other man shivered against the night's cool wind. Onew clapped a hand on his shoulder as Taemin and Key started to dance and sing. Minho pulled Jonghyun a little closer and kissed his head. They were all home now.

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I'll be honest in that I don't know exactly what happened, however the ending does fit Halloween very well. The haunted carnival then will never end, to be honest I had a re-occurring nightmare about one as a child. Maybe it will take me a few reads to figure it out exactly (and I do often re-read, re-read and re-read....)

So um yeah....when I figure it out I'll probably have more... still an interesting read....

Mmm. Yes, I think the ending kind of confused a lot of people. I am thinking that I will read back over it myself and try and figure out if I think it needs to be revised or maybe I will add an epilogue to explain more.

Oh really? That sounds like a scary nightmare. I had one about a joker or something. Keke~

Thanks for commenting as always <3

I wanna see Jonghyun's outfit!~ It sounds so cute, well he sounds cute in anything!~ lol <3 Taemin tricking Key was <3 <3 I thought some crazy/evil stuff was gonna happen!~ I was like omg, a thief or some magical/scary creature? lol @ the little kid though!~ As much as Taemin wants to have alone time with Key, how could they make Jongho wait? If I were them, I would have been there 10-30 minutes early!~ lol <3

When Jonghyun was feeling sick, I had a bad feeling. I wonder what Onew knows... It's still so mysterious. Do they just transform during Halloween? Or they aren't from Earth? Or does being home actually mean being with people they love? <3 I guess these will be unanswered questions to make it more mysterious and interesting!~ <3 *hugs* :D

I think you should write a song with/based on the italicized sentences (the texts) <3 :D

Keke. I want to see it too! I wouldn't mind seeing them all dressed up in costumes, to be honest ^.^ I'm glad you like the Taekey! Haha. I enjoy them. Yeah, I would have wanted to be with Jongho as soon as possible too ;D

It is mysterious. There was definitely supposed to be a mysterious feeling to it, but maybe I left too much unsaid. I'll have to think about it~

Thank you so much for commenting, dear!

Same here!~ I want to see them cosplay!~ :D <3 Of course I will like TaeKey as long as they cause no harm to Jonghyun and Jongho!~ lol <3 Taekey was amusing though!~ :D <3 lol <3 Would have teleported there to see them if I needed to!~ lol <3

I like mysterious!~ lol <3 It seems like I love lots of things except horror!~ <3 :D *hugs*

nawww this is so cute... and odd... and perfect for the season! Love it ^^ I still can't help but want to protect poor defenseless jjong. Do you know what pet stores stock that breed of animal?? haha *wants one*

Thank you! <3 Keke. It is very odd, isn't it?
Oh god! If you find one, let me know! I want to adopt a jjong puppy right away! :DDD

Hihi bb! ^^
This story is really intriguing and makes me think a lot. So is my Onew some kind of a possessed ring master or something? HAHA. Everything sounds pretty cryptic and stuff but I don't really understand the end :X Are they all not human?

But, interesting story ^^ <3

Whoops, did you get that comment? It was me *laughs* Sorry I forgot to log in :P

Aww, bb! Somehow when reading that comment, even before I found out it was you I somehow guessed it was you! Keke <3

Anyway~ I'm glad you find it intriguing. Keke. You could call Onew a ringmaster of sorts. Well, he is the leader of Shinee after all ^.^
Mmm~ I think a lot of people didn't get the end, so I might do something like fix it or write an epilogue. I'm going to read back over it soon to see what I think. But yeah, they're definitely not human, but they're not all like Jjong either.

Thank you for reading! <333

um. I don't get it. lol. Did they turn into their costumes? But I still liked it. it was mean tricking Key, lol, poor baby. Anyway, nicely done, as always. :) <3

Lol! I'm sorry. It's supposed to be a little mysterious, but maybe I made it too much so to be properly enjoyed? I am thinking of revising or writing more to explain it some more~
Keke. Yes, Taemin was really naughty <.<
Thank you, dear! <3

I don't think you should revise it. Because, even though I'm a dummy and don't get it, I think it's perfect the way it is...maybe a sequel or something, that could explain it more would be awesome. :D

;_; Thank you <3 I would actually probably only write a sequel if anything to be honest. I hate the thought of revising something I've completed <.<

Maybe I will write a sequel then. It could be fun :D

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